Disposable Oxygen canister

Oxy 99

Price : 650 MRP

OXY99 offers offers pure oxygen for freshness and energy.which is an ideal product for revitalizing you from the stresses of modern life that leaves you zapped depleted and tired. OXY99 oxygen is there for you whenever you need to rev up. It instantly restores your energies, increases your mental alertness and elevates your mood. Just breathe 99% oxygen from a can for feeling fresh and full of vigor. Just 4-5 deep breaths help in increasing your energy, concentration and general well-being. Exhausted after a busy day at work, an intensive workout session or partying at night, simply inhale a few deep breaths from a portable oxygen bottle and presto! You are back in your elements. Revitalize and recover with portable canned oxygen without any side effects. OXY99 oxygen can comes packaged with 150 inhalations and weighs just 120 grams and Net volume 500ml.

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